Gel Polish
Cost: £22.00 / £26.00
Treatment Time: 45mins / 60mins

Gel offers a longer lasting polish with total protection for the nails, allowing them to grow whilst always looking perfect. Gel is applied like a polish and performs like a gel which is chip resisant, no smudging and flawlessly dry in seconds. The gel polish can last up to 14 days with a high gloss shine. Gel polish can be applied to fingers and toes and Vitality offer Gelish. Removal is only 10 minutes with no nail damage.

  • Nails shaped and application of gel colour polish – £22.00
  • Nails shaped and application of gel French polish – £26.00
  • Manicure with application of Gel Polish – £36.00
  • Removal of gel polish £5.00 or with re-application of gel polish free of charge