Callus Peel
Cost: £18.00
Treatment Time: 30mins
Note: Not recommended for pregnancies or diabetics
  • Softens hard calluses quickly
  • Scrape and File them away
  • Leaves clean and soft skin

A fast and easy process where you can see the differences straight away. Click the link to see frequently answered questions about this treatment.

Is it safe? Yes, Callus Peel uses cosmetic ingredients only How often? We recommend every 2-3 weeks although you will notice results after the first treatment Is it hygienic? Yes, we are fully qualified in using this product and are fully trained in all procedures for hygeine. All tools, pads etc are sterilised for each treatment. Any side effects? None, Callus Peel is only used on dry/callused areas of the feet Does the treatment hurt? No, it doesn't hurt at all - on the contrary, it feels like you are receiving a reflexology treatment.

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